Basic Rules Roleplay [RP]

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Basic Rules Roleplay [RP]

Post by Sean Frederick on Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:51 pm

1. DeathMatching (DM) wrote: Deathmatching means that you kill someone without a valid IC reason. How to avoid Deathmatching: Have a good reason if you want to attack someone. Also RP with the person first or it will be KoS(explained below) wrote:

2. MetaGaming (MG) wrote: Metagaming is using the information gained OOCly to influence an IC Situation How to avoid metagaming: Don't use "lol","rofl","lmao" or any other internet shortcuts in IC Chat. (Normal Chat). To use those; type /b [text] and write them. Also if you'd like to talk in other Languages, other than English, Feel free to talk in /b. wrote:

3. PowerGaming (PG) wrote: Powergaming is roleplaying without giving someone any chances to resist. Or RP situations/actions that are NOT possible in real life. How to avoid Powergaming: If you are roleplaying with someone give him/her chances to resist by using /do do I succeed doing this? Or /do Do you resist? Use this when you use a action against someone like /me slowly makes a fist of his hand and punches [player] in the stomach. Or when you tie someone up in your vehicle you also have to RP it and give him a chance to resist by using one of the /do's that I mentioned before. So, when you RP something with someone give the player a chance to resist your action. wrote:

4. Kill On Sight (KOS) wrote: Kill on Sight means that someone comes up to you and kills you without roleplaying before shooting you. [Use hotkeys if you think it's too hard, typing to shoot.] How to avoid Killing on Sight: RP with someone before you start shooting the him/her. wrote:

5. Spawn Killing (SK) wrote: Spawn Killing means that you keep killing someone(or more players at the same time) at the location where they spawn. Like the hospitals, DoC/LSPD HQ or the VIP lounge. How to avoid Spawn Killing: Don't attack players on one of those locations that I mentioned before. Give them atleast 60 seconds to move from the spawning location wrote:

6. Revenge Killing (RK) wrote: Revenge Killing means that you kill someone, because he killed you first. How to avoid Revenge Killing: You have to wait atleast 30minutes after you spawned at the hospital before attempting to RP(maybe can lead to a kill) with that player. wrote:

7. Chicken Running (CR) wrote: Chicken Running means that you run in all directions(zigzags) to avoid getting hit by shots that a player is firing to you. wrote:

8. Car Ramming (CR) wrote: Car Ramming means that you ram someone with your vehicle without a good reason. How to avoid Car Ramming: If you ram someone with your vehicle RP it. Don't drive away like nothing happened. wrote:

9. Crack Shooting (CS) wrote: Crack Shooting is using crouch(C buttom) to cancel the animation of shooting and have a ability to shoot faster. Crack Shooting is NOT allowed to use it in shootings against players. wrote:

10. Quick Swapping (QS) wrote: Quick Swapping is swapping your weapons by using Q and W or Scroll up & down to swap your weapon to avoid reloading. Quick Swapping is NOT allowed when having a shooting against someone. wrote:

11. Rush Taze (RT) wrote: Rushtazing is when you shoot your tazer at someone who is either firing their weapon at you or aiming down their sights directly at you. You can, however, taze from behind.. wrote:

12. In Character (IC) wrote: Everything you perform In-Character'ly is what the character you Roleplay is Doing/Hearing. If use an In Character chat such as: /low, /w(whisper), /c, /call | Than that applys to the character you are Roleplaying wrote:

13. Out Of Character (OOC) wrote: Everything happening Out of characterly does NOT apply to your In-Game character. This means that anything you or other people do OOCly should not affect the way of how you act and what you do In Characterly. If in any way you do use OOC knowledge ICly, Than you are Metagaming, Which is not allowed. wrote:

14. Penggunaan /me dan /do dengan benar wrote: The /me command: /me is Created to show other people what you are doing In-Characterly. SA-MP does not allow 3D full action playing. Which means the character people see you as can not perform everything you roleplay ICly. In order to still roleplay actions such as treatening an patient as an doctor, we have /me. To make an long story Short: /me Shows people what you are doing. For example /me Raises his right hand and waves to the person. In this way you let people know that you are waving to someone. The /do command: /do Is used to confirm actions done in /me, And to get an bether look at the situation. For example: You walk inside the 24/7 and you see 2 Police officers and one Afro-American Male on the ground. From your OOC Sight you see them doing Nothing, While RPly they might be performing something like an Body Search (Frisk). /do is used to Find this out, It can be used like this: *You see 2 cops and an male on the ground* You use /do Are the Police officers doing something with the Male?, Than the Police Officers can Answere with /do I am Currently Placing handcuffs on the suspect his hands. wrote:

15. Green Zone wrote: Areas which prohibits illegal activity occurs because security is considered tight / high security (depending on the situation ALLOW to violate the Green Zone) Green Zone includes LSPD, City Hall, Hospital, FBI Headquarters, Army Headquarters, and its other legal faction. Why? Because the government factions tend to have tight security (security tight) and its members mostly have a firearm. Green Zone only tell you that these areas have high security, so the illegal things that happened there can say NO. Back again, GZ is in fact not a rule that prohibits its illegal things happen there. GZ only was the knowledge that the area TIGHT SECURITY. Mall excluding GZ, mall security guard just in case the maximal take nitestick / baton / batons guard. Robbed at the mall unarmed capital only knives? Should not. Rob all the stores in the mall with minimal AK47 9mm? allowed. Rob on the beach during broad daylight without a weapon? Should not, rob afternoons at the beach with a firearm? Allowed. Back again, the police live act? But it makes sense where, attacking the mall which is only guarded by a security guard, or attack the police station? which is guarded by hundreds of uniformed men with guns. wrote:

16. Law Enforcement Officer wrote: FBI / Sheriff's Department / LSPD / Detective / National Guard is a security guard, and they have the RIGHT to catch you in the IC has violated the rules of the city / criminal act. In the IC they do not imprison you for long, but they were able to destroy or disperse gangs you are already caught and already in ringkus exhausted. wrote:

Provoke LEO is a rule that prohibits you who want to deliberately provoke the police to chase you (looking for cases) In the real world there is such a person, who deliberately provoke the police, but in this game we prevent all players to do the same, if what all do the same thing so its a RP server later? So Tom and Jerry server. wrote:

Provoke LEO members if the player who violates be proven wrong in prison 60min. If there is an admin, please admin who decided his weight penalty. wrote:

17. Refuse RP wrote: Refuse RP is a condition in which you refuse to RP in your situation, while the other players have to do is on your RP. Example: The police want to arrest you, quickly he took the handcuffs and wanted to handcuff your hands, but you prolong his RP with no answer / do or RP them, then you will be put into jail on charges of refuse RP, although maybe you did not mean it . wrote:

Force RP is a condition where you really impose his RP should be in line with what you want, for example, if you ketembak by police and passed out, then you do not want to get caught so you RP in suicide, or ask you to kill your friend, if that makes sense ? Because it's his punishment for offenders like this is automatically CK by admin directly without consent. wrote:

Force RP can also another example, where you impose your will have to happen in the RP in any way, it is force RP. wrote:

His one-on-one way to avoid its sanctions because of the above is, if someone invites you to RP, answer quickly, and before acting make sure you are willing or outright if at the end you lose it, you are here forced to succumb if indeed the position you LOSE. wrote:

18. Non RP wrote: Non-RP is divided into several things. In essence, the non-RP are things that are not appropriate as his right for not acting in accordance with its normal condition occurs. Non-RP is divided into: Non-RP Behavior, and Non-RP Fear, non-RP Driving Non-RP Behaviour is if you are in the mall streets with? Walking is for sure. Therefore, if you raise and the bike / car / bike into the mall = non-RP behave, because in general, at the mall all the walking, if you ride a motorcycle in there = crazy. Road while jump jump too = gila.Trolling (without RP mukul2 wind / nembak2 to air / car / whatever dengna reasons unclear) = crazy. And we do not want you RP just to crazy. If all the people like it, so its what later RP server? So it does not match the reality that happens because all of its inhabitants crazy. Non-RP Fear is a quasi-whiz attitude, not afraid of anything, but its self is in fact not a nobody. Its normal, you dare ngehina a policeman who caught breaking the rules because you rank higher than him, that at least you own is also a police officer, or maybe you are busy to insult the police tuh. But if you are alone, what dare to insult the police? That's just one example, an example to 2: if you are in the hold-up man using a pistol, his normal new resident (newbie) seharus his fear, why? Having never held a weapon, his PR people he still cupu. Difference if you join a gang / mafia then you robbed on the road, you still may quasi whiz but items still to be robbed in love than to die, yes no? Therefore, be careful if you want to quasi-hero, if you are a nobody Do not act champ. Non-RP Driving is an attitude that is always reckless driving reckless late. If one of its citizens city like this, it would be unreasonable, therefore we give the rules so that you choose the time and place where you want to RP in reckless driving, does not mean not to be, just select the time and place RIGHT. wrote:

19. SCAM wrote: You are allowed to cheat, the condition must FULL RP, should not convince victims OOC manner as an example: "/ pm Robert_Launski I would not deceiving anyway, the helper may be a witness" But at the end of the transaction, your real deceive him. OOC such a convincing manner not in the mix into the affairs of the IC. Should FULL RP to commit fraud. The total value should you hokey, WITHOUT LIMITATION (after successfully deceive with FULL RP, suspected fraudsters should not disappear as beyond common sense such as F10, logout, and so on for at least 15 minutes after the successful NB: 1-3 LEVEL SHOULD NOT BE IN CHEATING OF ANY KIND wrote:

20. Robery - INDIVIDUAL ROBBERY - ROBBERY SMALL wrote: Her regular raids occurred because their living standards are below average, and they want instant money or earn money easily, so you might RP in the robbery, but his location please consideration. Robbery individual / small this is a robbery that occurred with the perpetrator 1 or 2 people. If the robbery of more than 2 including big robbery. The usual small robbers do is rob the house, store, or rob people who are alone, or rob woman woman who is apparently weak and easily threatened. You are allowed to rob the store / any house without the permission of the admin (only for full-RP without reward) You are allowed to rob people on the street of small / small alley / street deserted / her logic deserted area. It may or may not be viewed by 3 things: Where you rob? What time do you rob there? Old or not you rob him? Rob on the beach, afternoons, more than 15 minutes = RP HIS FAILED. Already at the beach, the afternoons were RP ly CROWDED, and you rob him eventually. YOU CAN ROB PEOPLE IN THE MALL if you RP in the less than 3 minutes. Moreover including PG. 3 minutes in a sense, you hold-up man of his victim, if the victim directly give money, you quickly run away, do not be greedy to rob the other, within 3 minutes of security management can get your own breasts from behind. IF victim refused and accused robbed you violate the rules for robbery in the mall at the time of the RP ly broad daylight crowded, then the victim who in prison for prolonging the RP. THE TECHNICAL, small robberies may at any time and anywhere, as long as they do it quickly in under 3 minutes. The total value should you rob, CAN TAKE ALL THAT HE TAKE INVENTORY. (EXCEPT KEY VEHICLE / PROPERTY) IF VICTIM IS NOT AGAINST (trying to run / hit you) THEN SHOULD NOT BE KILLED. Forms of resistance does not have to be a physical resistance, but resistance verbally also be calculated, if the victim insulted you or spit on you in the IC, you may RP in emotion and kill korban. NB: LEVEL 1-3 MAY NOT BE IN CHEATING OF ANY KIND wrote:
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